> Yamaha Fz6 So sexy and good I want to make love to it and have kids with her is that normal?

Yamaha Fz6 So sexy and good I want to make love to it and have kids with her is that normal?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I got a Yamaha fz6 motorcycle and i love it so much it goes very fast i can keep up with sports bikes and is more comfortable then the cruiser i used to own.

IT even does burnouts with a chick on the back of it, i just love this bike so much if i could i would sleep with it, is that normal?

Like i'd also cry if anything happened to it, and am also really sad that yamaha discontinued it ( the fz6r is a shitier version, less hp and weights more )

P.S. I know its a girl because theres 2 holes in the back from the exhaust

also does anyone know any bike that comes similar to this

criteria - Inline 4 , Comfy , Sexy , And FUN AS ****!

LOL! Try out a Twin or Triple. SV650 and Aprilia Shiver 750 comes to mind. Their SHEER TORQUE will make you forget your Yamaha... Or perhaps Triumph's potent STREET TRIPLE 675R...

Your FZ6 will feel like a SOFT CHICK BIKE in comparison to The Triple 675... Trust me, I've ridden one!


BTW look up:

CBR600F4i (A Legend to many!), CBR600F (2011 onward, not available in U.S though!), GSX650F (fat pig!), CBR650F (recently launched, just 87BHP but has an impressive torque rich powerband, see dynos), Kawasaki Z800 (naked bike, bit on the FATTY side), Suzuki GSX-S750 (recently launched in U.S, available in Europe as GSR750 for several years), CB600 Hornet (unavailable in U.S), Honda 599 (only a handful were sold in U.S cause you Yanks were crazy about 600RR's back then!).


You don't own one liar and if you do you're gonna crash it and get yourself killed And by the way child an fz6 is a sport bike..don't be a pretender

You're the student nurse, you tell us whether it is normal.

Dip-poops are in love with their pillows, sweet dreams.

When you grow up, you will find that human women are far more enjoyable.

omg I have an FZS600 and I feel the same.