> Will you fail your driving test if you are too far from the curb in parallel parking?

Will you fail your driving test if you are too far from the curb in parallel parking?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
(TEXAS) I take my driving test in 2 days and I have the parallel parking part down, I just can not get close enough to the curb every time. My mom called the DMV and they said you have to be about 4 inches from the curb. Say for example if I'm about a foot away from the curb, will I fail my test, or just get points docked off?? Help please, I am very stressed!!!

If you are within the legal distance of the curb with your tires, that is all that is required. If you are outside the limits required or if you hit the curb you will probably have to repeat your parallel park. If you go over the curb you will fail your driving test.

There are usually 3 chances to successfully parallel park on a driving test.

When i took my driving test I didn't do too well on the parallel parking, the lady just laughed and said 90% of the people don't do too well on this aspect of the test. If your a great driver other wise, you will do amazing.

You may fail the parking part, but that alone is not enough to fail the entire test. You need to be near perfect on everything else, though.

UPDATE: @ Goldfly - I've been a licensed driver in Texas since 1989. Since you are not, perhaps you shouldn't be commenting.

About a foot would be pretty reasonable in any circumstances. Not good, but acceptable.

It's when you get to 2 or more feet that you would run the risk of failing.

You do want to be close but not too close. They'll just say that in the future you should try to park closer. It's better to be too far than to close. But don't hand it so your car would be in a driving lane. You'll do fine!

You have to look in the door mirror as you reverse, and turn the wheel over until you see the rear wheel just about 3 inches from the kerb. then start to turn the wheel slowly back until the car is parked.

It is up to the examiner. Look in your state drivers handbook for the maximum allowed distance in your state. But you should be able to do 4" if you want no hassle.

It's not a deal breaker...it's points off. If you are perfect on everything else, you'd be fine.

Shoot for the four inches. On the test you have to do everything the way THEY want