> Will I get a ticket?

Will I get a ticket?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
So I ran a red light on accident today I thought that it was green. And I didn't really know where I was going so I had to keep looking down at my phone to figure it out. But I almost t boned another car during it, but I did not. Then I drove on, now I'm almost positive there are no cameras at that intersection. Will I get a ticket?

I say this with no malice I used to use my phone as a sat nav and was always fiddling with whilst driving until one day I had an accident and am now paying the price with my car insurance and I lost my beloved car and ruined somebody elses please dont do it cus its not worth it... as to ur question if no camera is present no ticket

Hopefully you will, you admit to poor driving skills, right.

Sounds like looking at your phone rather than the roadway was pretty stupid and dangerous, both to yourself and others. You should worry about learning to drive rather than a stupid ticket which you admitt you deserve.

You won't get a ticket, but hopefully you will learn from this experience.

I hope you do. You clearly shouldn't have a license. If you need to keep looking at a map of any sort then you PULL OFF THE ROAD, since a green light doesn't turn red in an instant, and the other light rarely turns green at the same time.

not unless you turn yourself in or someone wrote down your plates and reported you but then again its their word vs yours

so if no cameras were present very unlikely you will get caught