> Why does my pit bike tire keep going flat?

Why does my pit bike tire keep going flat?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I've had this bike for about 6 months now and have only rode it twice. The first day I had it was on the fourth of July and it did great until I went to put it away and being heavily under the influence I did a burn out in the garage. The next day the back tire was flat. I replaced the tube and rode it again with no problems a few weeks later and then didn't touch it for about a month but I would keep an eye on the air pressure and it held just fine until one day it was just completely flat. So I aired it up and almost instantly deflated for no reason. Upon further examination it had a big hole in the side wall, but I've never rode it without sufficient air pressure and couldn't find any obstructions that would puncture it. Any thoughts? I hate dicking with tires

>"it had a big hole in the side wall"

That will be the cause.

To puncture the inner tube when it has not turned a wheel for months there will have to be some kind of foreign object inside the wheel/tyre space, it could be sticking through the tyre, a spoke end or a bit of debris from the burnout. Remove the tyre completely, check the rim tape, clean out the inside of the tyre, check the rim for corrosion, look for spoke ends poking through the tape.

In most cases, air leaving the inside of the tire is the direct cause of flats.

Slow puncture ?

You burnt rubber sh!t onto the rim, go clean up your mess.