> Why do they make construction zones on highways so dangerous?

Why do they make construction zones on highways so dangerous?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Well around my area much of the major highways are under construction and they seem to be almost frightening to drive on.

They make the lanes extremely narrow, to the point where most vehicles can just barely fit between the lines. they cut out the shoulder, and they put massive concrete barriers on either side of the roadway. Not to mention the on-ramps are cut out entirely, they just put a "STOP" sign at the end of the ramp, with people flying down the road at 70-80 mph, and the concrete barriers make it almost impossible to see the traffic when trying to cut in. It's like you just have to floor it and hope nobody is in your blind zone.

With all that being said..just because the roadway is under construction, why do they have to make the highway so dangerous and prone to massive accidents? Doesn't make much sense to me. Plus it takes them FOREVER to complete whatever the hell kind of construction they're doing. Even though they might be making the roadway "safer", they are making the roadway 10 times more dangerous than ever before for the 15 years it takes them to complete the project. It all makes no sense to me.

I'll bet you're from Pennsylvania. Everything you describe is what Pa. does. I never understood stop signs at the end of an on ramp with traffic backed up because of the construction yet still running 60MPH. All highway construction should be done at night when there is little traffic if it involves temporarily closing a lane. For extended construction spanning weeks or months they should do what Ohio does and maintain two lanes of freeway traffic in the same direction by opening up berms and medians.

It doesn't make sense to you for these reasons: If the lanes were wide enough, people like you would maintain freeway speeds through the construction zone. I see it around here ALL the time even with narrowed lanes. All these barricades are there to protect the workers and channel traffic safely through the construction zone, not to make it convenient for you. I'm not taking your 10x more dangerous and 15 years to complete a project literally. Almost no driver understands what goes into building a road. It's more than scraping off the surface dirt and laying down a road.

Take a different route.

Ever seen a really bad highway? Seen what happens when you hit 6' hole, or buckle at 70mph? When a bridge collapses? When a car hits a worker? Barriers are up to protect workers, not you.

SUV goes airborne from heat buckled highway in Wi…: http://youtu.be/i-zVEq3d8ws

Because the construction guys like to watch poor drivers have problems.

that's why the speed LIMIT is 25 mph or less in construction zones..........let the dolts who are exceeding the speed limit when driving 70 + get into their own accident