> Which is cheaper? A policy with one driver and two cars, or two drivers with the two cars?

Which is cheaper? A policy with one driver and two cars, or two drivers with the two cars?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 

One driver with 2 cars on it? Not any more. These days each car has it,s own policy and the Main Driver (The person who drives it most) Must be the Policy Holder, Any body else added as a Named Driver.

A person can have as many cars with insurance as they want but they can only use their NCB on 1 Policy.

Advantage of 2 cars with different Policy Holders for each (Nothing to stop you both listing each other as a Named Driver) is they will both build NCB

You also have to answer the legal question of are you really talking about "Fronting" where the Main Driver is not the Policy Holder as it is cheaper to insure in someone else's name and just add them as a Named Driver, If so, If caught both of you will be charged with either Fraud or Obtaining by Deception

Andy C

Depends entirely on the car(s) and the drivers.

If I add my brother in law on my policy, the cost of my policy goes down by about £20 so that would be cheaper to have two drivers in one car. But if he adds me on the policy for his car, his insurance cost goes up by more than my own car insurance costs so it would be cheaper to have two cars.

If you have a driver and a car(s) in mind, check out some insurance comparison sites.

A 16 y/o in the US with 2 Sports cars is going to cost more then an older married couple with 2 sensible cars. I'm also going by if they are in the same location. Color can play a part in the cost of insurance, as does credit history. I mean with no details it's impossible to actually answer this question.

Two drivers with two cars is two policies.

Usually one driver, but it depends on who the drivers are. For example, in some states, a policy for a married couple (one male and one female) costs more than a policy for a single woman but less than a policy for a single man.

Probably the same, you can only use your ncb entitlement on one vehicle at a time and a second vehicle will attract the full premium with no discount.

all depends on the drivers history and where the car is parked at night