> What would happen if I went over my rev limit from driving in gear fast?

What would happen if I went over my rev limit from driving in gear fast?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Not a lot for us to go on. I assume you mean if you downshift into a gear that is so low it takes the engine over the red line. The critical factor is engine dependent - valve float. The intake and exhaust valves are pushed open by the cams but are closed by springs. The red line on engines is usually a little below the point that the valves are no longer closing fast enough to keep pressure on the lifters. The valves are said to "float" and if they float badly enough they impact the pistons and the engine can be destroyed in an instant.

Generally speaking, engines designed for everyday use have a fairly wide range between red line and valve float. Engines designed for high performance have a narrower range. The AC Cobra was notorious for a very narrow band. New owners would be warned never to take it over 7000 rpm, but some would inevitably tow their car back saying it barely went over 7000 before there was this enormous clatter....

Well of course the more you rev or the faster you drive, the more you wear out the car, it stands to reason. How much wear depends on the car, what tolerance it has and for how long you revved it too high.

NOt sure of your question. Let me guess.

You're speeding, and then you put gear in neutral, and engine revs extremely high, over the limit?

Don't think it'll be any problem. These cars, as with most mechanical things, have much tolerance built in, so that you can go overboard on them and not damage them. But that's in case, it's an accident, or you don't purposely do it for a long time.

Just reving the engine very high over into the red zone, won't destroy the engine. If you hold it there and hold it for as long as it takes, yes, then it'll be a problem. But I've been angry at my car once, and wanted to explode it, and I stuck foot on gas pedal while parked, and engine reved waaaay long and far into red. But it didn't hurt it.

So nothing will go wrong, unless you purposely hold the high revs into the red zone for a very long time.

My car has a rev limit set by the manufacturer. The fuel cuts off when that RPM is reached. I do not get the picture of what you are asking but driving fast and shifting can and will lead to loss of control. This driver was killed doing things he or she did not understand. Safety is in the driver's head and not in the features of the car. Go and place a brown paper bag on the front of the one wheel. Drive the car over the paper. Trace the outline of the tire making contact with the paper. Remove the car. Measure for area in square inches and multiply times four. That is the entire surface area for control, steering, powering and stopping that your car has. Look at the tires. For each 10% of wear compared to new, there is less tire performance possible for these forces: control, steering, powering and stopping. Only and advance driving school can teach drivers about these factors. Most people know about 10% of the what they should know. AAA offers courses for drivers of all ages and experiences. Go to "Wreckedexotics.com" to see more photos of people with fast and powerful and expensive cars but with no brains to get proper training. Sad photos.

You can and will cause engine damage when you put your "rev counter" in to the red.