> What to look for in second hand motorbikes (125cc Honda cbf 125 to be more specific).?

What to look for in second hand motorbikes (125cc Honda cbf 125 to be more specific).?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Hi all, basically i have just done my cbt and im looking for a used 125cc motorbike. i have no knowledge on motorbikes so when it comes to buying one from sellers i have no idea what to look for, and i will be pretty annoyed if i buy a faulty bike. my question is what should i look for when buying a bike from someone. i don't know anyone who knows about bikes bring along. i was looking for a Honda cbf 125 no older than three years old. thank you.

If you know nothing about bikes & dont have a knowledgeable friend to help you I'd recommend you buy from a reputable dealer with a guarantee. Then buy a manual & the basic tools needed (get better quality versions of what's in the tool kit as a starting point) & learn to do your own work on the bike. Things like routine safety checks, chain tension & lube, tyre pressure oil level clutch & brake adjustment. It is a satisfying activity, will save you a fair bit of money & will enable you to fix minor roadside problems where they occur.

My brother got a 2011 cbf for £1300 i wouldent pay more than that hes crashed it a few times and it still all mechanically fine just look for one with a good service history and dont by from anyone who looks like a chav lol try and buy from a rocker looking type of guy lol sounds wierd but that is good advise

Honda city fly is agreat bike the clr 125 although these are older. Take care.

motorcycles like cars can have many unseen problems, so either buy from a good friend or a dealer who will give you some kind of guarantee.

Difficulty starting , poor idle , oil leaks , evidence of crash or drop .

All electrical functions , high beam , signals , brake , horn .

Tires , tread and sidewall cracking ,,,,, brake rotors ( scoring ) , pads , excessive wear .

signs of tinkering , do it yourself repairs ,,,,, rust or oxidization .

Look much, dude? https://www.youtube.com/results?search_q...

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