> What speed should I be driving when there's no posted limit signs?

What speed should I be driving when there's no posted limit signs?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I know that if I drive for about a minute or so I'll see it but during that minute what mph should I be at? Traffic flow is different, I'm taking a driving test soon so I want to prepare these things first..

Like in city's or a small town etc?

Also what is commercial roads?

Now all that was for roads that do have signs if your about to pass it but what about the ones that don't list it? Is it 25?

I don't want to fail! Thanks

Laws vary. Out here if there is no posted sign on a County road, it's 50.

Many cities post signs that state "25MPH in city limits unless posted otherwise".

All roads are SUPPOSED to be signed so that no matter how you get on them (such as the freeway) you will run across a speed limit sign almost immediately.

I would agree with using 25MPH as a baseline, but if you take your time to accelerate, by the time you hit 25MPH you'll probably run across a sign.

In most areas, the Highway Safety Act Rules of the Road indicate that the Speed Limit in all cities, towns, villages and hamlets is 50 kph unless posted otherwise.

If you are on an open street or residential area, always assume the speed limit is 25mph.

For divided highways with no driveways or intersections, just entrance and exit ramps, 55 or more.

For regular streets, with driveways or intersections, 25-35.


commercial 15mph