> What size dirt bike ?

What size dirt bike ?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I was looking online for some dirt bikes earlier and I wanted to know which dirt bike is best for a 5'7 , 140 pound 15 year old like me . I was thinking a 125cc . But then again I might out grow that one in a few years . Should I go with a Kawasaki KLX140L or a suzuki DR-Z125L ?

Get a 250, it's the standard bike for young adults/teens/or adults of smaller stature. A transition from 80cc or 90cc to 125cc is typically done around age 10-12 for people have been riding extensively from a young age (including myself). I outgrew my 125cc at age 13 and skipped to a 250cc. I am a few inches taller than you and about 30 pounds heavier and I am comfortable with my yamaha yz426f, although my experience comes in to play. So for you I would say 250cc and I'll tell you why,


Large enough that you may never even need to "outgrow" the bike, or move to something bigger

Great speed, great power displacement at the wheel, will easily allow for clutch wheelies

Although there is a decent power for an adult, it's much more forgiving than 350cc+ bikes (ex. a little to hard on the throttle around a dirt brim isn't going to **** your **** up).

They are much lighter than larger bikes, meaning that you won't have troube keeping it up while stopping, starting, stalling (all common for beginners).

A dirt bike is basically a off road bike , you can the the bike on roads, mountain roads, dirt etc. there are many dirt off road bikes available in the market, like impulse, V Storm. Suzuki V Storm is the best off road bike, i suggest you to please visit Suzuki India's website or faecbook page to get more information.

The Dirt Bikes come in many shapes, sizes, and types― you have chosen the bike according to your hight.

According to your personality the "Yamaha's TT-R230 " is perfect.

Get a 2 stroke 125cc or a 4 stroke 250cc