> What should I do in this specific driving situation?

What should I do in this specific driving situation?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I'm taking my road test in early March. Today while driving, I was approaching the intersection and moved into the designated lane for a left turn. The green arrow was still on, so I kept driving and as soon as I came up to the white line, the arrow changed to yellow. I went ahead and completed the left turn.

I was too close to make a quick stop, and I'm not sure if it was illegal to make that turn. If this similar situation were to happen on the road test, would I be docked points or automatically failed for doing that?

Punching though to any passage though an intersection is seldom if ever a wise maneuver because you put your car in a position of being unpredictable by any or more of numerous other cars and pedestrians simultanously. The capable way in scenarios such as you describe is, whenever you get the urge to jump on it, do the opposite and slow to a prompt but not panic stop, even in the intersection beyond the lane end stripe if need be. Then survey the situation (noting that everyone is surveying you and giving you space...and admiring your mastery) and, in most instances, look back and back up slowly out of the intersection. If you cannot make it all the way back, don't worry. Just wait for the next light and chance to continue forward. Practice that physically and mentally until it becomes your natural response (not to lurch forward).

I agree with Micheal, once your wheels pass the crosswalk line you are considered in the intersection and can proceed. If you ever got a ticket in the mail from one of those cameras they will show 2 pics. one with your wheels before the line and the light red and one after the line with the light red indicating proof you ran the red light. However, use common sense, just because you have the right of way doesn't mean you won't get into an accident. Good luck on the test.

If you are behind the white line and attempting a right or left turn at a traffic light, you must STOP if you are behind the white line when the light turns yellow.

Having said that, one vehicle is allowed to creep up over the crosswalk (even with the curb of the crossing street) with straightened wheels when the light is green. That vehicle should be observing oncoming traffic, activity in the crosswalk and the colour of the traffic light, repeatedly. If that one vehicle over the line sees the traffic light turning yellow, they should proceed to complete their turn as soon as it can be done safely, and done promptly, but not too fast...

If you don't have enough distance to stop in time safely, you can drive though the yellow light, but if you think you can come to a stop, you must stop. For example, if you are 5m away from the light and it changes to yellow, you can drive through it since you wouldn't have been able to stop in time.

If you are already across the line when the light changes, you legally cannot block the intersection, so you must go.

if you were driving slow enough + there were no vehicles behind you, you should have stopped..............normally you would have sped up a bit to "make the light", and as long as the light was yellow, you were OK

I would wait. My husband once got a ticket for doing exactly what you did.

You did okay.