> What should I do about getting ran off the road by a garbage truck.?

What should I do about getting ran off the road by a garbage truck.?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I was driving down the road and the trashtruck was coming the opposite way. Even 30 feet down the road he was atleast 6 inches over the yellow line I THOUGHT because I time to time do this is drive over the line so you don't have to ride the edge or the potholes. But when a car is coming the opposite way I DO NOT do that at all. Bc who knows what the other drivers think and could cause an accident. But anyway the trashtruck kept getting closer and closer and he still didn't attempt to try to get on HIS side. So when I was a little of 5 feet away from him I had to go off the road and once I fully past him I tried to get back on the road but with it just snowing a foot the other day my tires wouldn't get back on the road untill like 15 feet down the road. Anyways I pulled in someone's driveway and turned around then when I caught up to the truck to take a picture of his licenseplate and the name of the truck, but then after that as we got up to the stopsign I was still really really mad about the situation I got out and cussed him out a little he said blah blah. He didn't, and if he did he's really sorry and he didn't realize me. But my question is if I call them and wanna talk to a manger like what would happen. Like in the future would they not do business with me or not if I really need them. And when I did get out and went up to his door I asked what's his name because I already know the business name and he KEPT saying all your gonna do is talk to me, and still no name...

If you're really that affected by it go to the company and give the license plate and the date and time and they will know who it was and whatever they will do will happen but if its not necessary then just allow it and watch out for them if they do it again

I have to tell you, that was extremely difficult to read. It is one big run - on sentence.

It was foolish to chase down the truck and confront the driver. How could you know that he wasn't a dangerous psychopath who escaped from a nuthouse and stole the truck? He could have shot you, thrown you in back and squished you into the five tons of garbage in there.

Turn around and get close enough to get the plate number and the company name. Do that of course and then call the company and complain. I have done such several times for various commercial vehicles and know for sure that I have gotten at least one driver fired.

Work on your writing skills too. It is a valuable asset in today's world.

This is "Cars & Transportation > Safety"

This is not "God Damn I hate what he did and how do I get even with him!"

Safety. Learn the TRUTH. "Yield the Right-of-Weight."

Never push your "right-of-way" -- not to mention you never have the "right-of-way" until the bigger and heavier yields the way to you.

You should have not try to push the garbage truck. The guy is doing a job, give him a break! pull over to the side and let him have the road.

You didn't. And you had to go over to side of the road and plow to the side for a whooping 15 feet. Oh My GOD!!! ANGRY!! RAGE!! You didn't have the time to give him the road, but you have the time to turn around and chase the guy down and cuss at him.

So call up the company and complain. They will say blah blah and will take care of the driver. And hang up on you and laugh.

Learn to ignore small things. If not, one of days you will get out and yell at someone and they will pound you do a pulp, or even simply shoot you.

The guy was in your words only 6" over the line so if you were "ran off the road" you're not a very skilled driver. Big deal. settle down and learn how to relax while driving.

Nothing you can do so let it go. Cops didn't witness it so they can't do anything and it's your word against the driver's at the company level.

tell the police