> What is happening to my car ????

What is happening to my car ????

Posted at: 2015-04-14 

that's weird.

Haha, I thought the same when I first did that in my car, turns out it's a feature on some cars. If you hold the key in 'unlock' position, it will unlock the car and roll down the windows (awesome for hot weather) and when you hold the key in 'lock' position it will lock the car and roll the windows up (awesome when you've forgotten to shut a window).

Look in your car manual, that is a feature of some cars.

On a hot sunny day you will appreciate being able to open the windows before entering the car.

My dads car from 2005-2007, a 2005 Lexus GX470, did that if you held down two buttons on the key fob.

My honda Odyssey has a feature where one twist of the key unlocks the driver door, two twists unlocks ALL doors, and 3 twists unlocks the doors and rolls all the windows down.

Your car may have a malfunction of the electronic control unit. I couldn't tell you where that's located.

Yep its supposed to do that. It will also work with a remote key if you hold down the button.

RTFM, tard. It's supposed to do that.