> What do you do about your car when you're drunk and can't drive?

What do you do about your car when you're drunk and can't drive?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I've always wondered, but it was brought to my attention recently because we were talking about it in my health class. Ex. John goes to a party and get's really drunk. The party clams down and decides to go home. Realizing that he is not fit to drive he calls and taxi. But he drove his car to the party, does someone pick it up for him or what? how would he get his car back home?

Where I live there are any number of non drinking friends who will retrieve my car for me. And the local taxi company offers a service where they send a car with two drivers. The second driver takes your car home for you.

I've never availed myself of either service because I don't drink.

depends where it is parked really. friends house? leave it their sleep over and pick up next day. bar? call taxi home or desginated driver or pick up car next day. in some cases people have to park on the curb and they get towed i guess because it is private parking idk but this happened to my friend countless times because he didn't want to pay for parking at his apartment complex. everytime someone called the tow truck he had to run down to move it. otherwise he had to park really far. the area he lives in is pretty dumb imo when it comes to parking

In the morning, he goes back to get it, or he gets someone else to drive it to him.

Keep the car locked at the bar and make sure that you don't leave any thing valuable in it, and get it by 1 P.M the next day:)

What? Leave my car at someone else's house?? No way! You'll be fine if you set your cruise control to the speed limit (if you can't read the sign you can usually be safe with 40 mph) and keep one eye aimed at the center line. Always works for me.

Just leave it there and have somebody drive you to get it the next day. Or ride a bike to go get it.

The elves will drive the car home for him. Whenever I go get drunk, my car always makes it home! Magically! And I have no recollection of how it happens!