> What do to about radiator placement on a cafe racer?

What do to about radiator placement on a cafe racer?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
The original café racers didn't have radiators- very few 1950s motorcycles had radiators. The current 'styled as a cafe' racer so we can sell them to squids' are liquid cooled engines for pollution law reasons for about past 10 years or so- but still a few aircooled engines around like compare a late vintage Suzi GS500 to a Kaw Ninja 500. You gave a actual example with year and model- makes you in very small minority of posters asking silly questions- and we can give you a exact answer for the motorcycle you specified as not a silly question from a 13 year old video game player, That model was aircooled as some others have noted.

The cafe racers and bobbers that don't appear to have a radiator don't have a radiator. They're air cooled.

Google your bike and look at some pictures.

Your model doesn't have a radiator.

It's air cooled.

Your bike is air cooled. It does not have a radiator

They don't appear to have a radiator, maybe yours has an oil cooler.

Probably looking at air cooled bikes.

Going to have to deal with the radiator.