> What could be the cause of uneven motorcycle rear tire wear?

What could be the cause of uneven motorcycle rear tire wear?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I noticed the rear tire on my 2013 Harley Davidson Sportster XL1200C has uneven wear. More specifically, the wear is evidently off to the left. I read road crown couldn't be the reason as it isn't enough to cause the tire to wear off to the left. I also read another cause of this might be that left corners require more of a lean at longer periods. While all of this seems plausible, I imagine the off tire wear would be because of something mechanical. What could be the cause of the uneven motorcycle rear tire wear? I appreciate all the help. I'd like to become better educated on this before taking the bike into a shop.

This is exactly how my tires wear on my 883 L sportster. I had the front one replaced on warranty by HD, then put two more new ones on later that summer as the back one was showing thread. Then I put another new set on the following summer but a different kind. Got a nail in the rear and had to replace that one, now I see that both tires are showing uneven wear again and I've only had them on for 5 months with very little riding. It is impossible to put a harder tire on as none fit and these soft performance tires are not standing up. Really disappointed in HD and that they have made it impossible to switch to a different tire. Getting expensive. My air pressure has been checked regularly and I do not ride crazy.

If your rear tire looks like the one I took off my BMW R1100RT a few years ago, it was caused by driving on crowned roads at highway speeds for long periods of time

measure from the swing arm pivots to the axle centers when adjusting your belt tension .This will center the wheel and reasonably align it .

make sure your shocks are in good shape and not too stiff as this will cause cupping or wavy wear .

lastly ,if you ride 5000 , 7500 , 10,000 miles on roads that are graded to drain to the shoulder , you will see more wear on the left side .

The wheel was not torqued down correctly. So it is not running true down the road. Put it up on stands if you can to get the wheel of the ground. Pit it in gear and run it and see if it looks like it is running straight to you.

wrong pressure / out of balance / skidding