> What are your thoughts about the V-8 going extinct?

What are your thoughts about the V-8 going extinct?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I don't think it will go extinct, just dialed back and be used in less vehicles. People have been saying the manual transmission is going extinct for decades, but it's only vanished from certain vehicle classes(like sedans and most trucks) while in other vehicle classes(such as sports cars) the manual is thriving(for example, the new ZL1 camaro sells more manuals than automatics, while the Z28 camaro only comes with a manual, other similar cars are the same way). The same will happen with the V8, it will disappear from certain vehicle classes, but will live on in others. GM is already working on turbocharged versions of their V8s instead of getting rid of them like Ford is doing. Not to mention there are tons of other car manufacturers that use V8s. There are a lot more vehicles that use V8s than most people realize, so to say they will completely vanish is insane, they'll just become more refined.

V8 isn't going extinct any time soon. It's just being dropped from a lot of main stream production cars because high-tech 4 and 6's can produce similar power and better economy.

For example a standard 70's era V8 might have made ~200 hp. The V6 in my current car makes 275 hp, and the car weighs maybe 75% as much. Now once you can get to the speed limit in 6 secs, that's enough power for 99% of the population. Heck it's a Japanese hatchback that will beat most of the old classic "muscle cars" over a 1/4 mile.

Same with the new "Ecoboost" Fords. Better technology gives the same performance. More power just means smoked tires and speeding tickets.

Ford is definitely not getting rid of their V8's. Whoever told you that is either lying or incompetent. Think about it, why would Ford bother to develop the 5.2L Voodoo V8 used in the 2016 GT-350 if they were just going to scrap it after two years.

Ford is leaving the *Australian* market and shutting down their *Australian* production in 2017. And leaving the Australian V8 Supercar *racing series* after 2017. Perhaps there was a headline that said something like "Ford leaving V8's in 2017" or something like that and you incorrectly assumed it meant they were stopping V8 production in 2017, when the reality of it is they are simply leaving a racing series with the term "V8" in the name.

Just because Ford decided to stop V8 production doesn't mean it is the correct decision. Ever see an Edsel , a Pinto, a Lincoln Blackwood pick up, or a Mustang 2, LOL. Ford has had a great number of flops so lets just wait and see okay .

Most of you don't remember, but in the late '80's, Ford was planning to redesign the Mustang for '89 into a front-drive four banger, & put a turbo on it for the GT. The noise raised by the public put that rumor to bed before Ford even really had it worked-out. They sold the front-drive as the Mercury Cougar in '89.

Whomever told you the V8 is going extinct is imcompletent as the big automakers have reworked the engines to meet ever tightening emission standards and CAFE standards as well. Like the manual gearbox behind the diesel engines as they plan on being scalled back. Some sports cars and ram still offer a manual gearbox.

They're pulling your piston. The term V-8 is being phased out. The new term is 5.7, 6.7, etc in V-8 pattern. My S-10 is a V-6 but in 3.2.

They should have renamed them when they did.

It is modular now and modular V8 is different in

ways that I think the newest design should

have a handle of its own. We named them based upon their

attributes, but Ford names them based upon their build plant.

you call them V8's

I think you need to do your own research before you start assuming an unconfirmed rumor based on a statement from an unknown and possibly even imaginary person (who is never even named anywhere) makes it fact


I think the whole benefit was supposed to be smoothness but an electric would have that beat. I think I would not write off the internal combustion engine.