> What Happens If Your Car's Steering Wheel Gets Locked?

What Happens If Your Car's Steering Wheel Gets Locked?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Does Anything Happen If Your Car's Steering Wheel Get Locked?

Parked, Does Anything Happen? Bad or good? For Example if i locked my steering wheel then i unlock it Would Anything happen to my car?

Nothing will happen to the car when parked with the stearing locked. After all that is what it was DESIGNED and INSTALLED for!!!!

If its locks when you drive it , it is going to crash into what ever is in front, be it a pram, ,tree fence, trafficlight or a cop car

Your car has a steering lock. This will engage at a few different places when the wheel is turned after removing the key - this is normal and to help prevent theft

Mostly the lock does not engage as the wheel does not get turned to one of the points that would make it do so. If a theif tried to turn it it would lock at one of those points

If the whel has locked you may need to jiggle the wheel a little when turning the ignition key to make it disengage

ALL 100% NORMAL, no damage occurs, everything is working just as it is designed to

1. When the engine is running, you cannot lock the steering column.

2. When the car is parked you should lock the steering column - that is what the lock is for: to help prevent thieves stealing the car.

3. The only danger is if you let a car coast downhill when the steering is locked - there is a risk you will be unable to steer the car and may have a crash.

I unlock it.... just what are you asking about... while driving, parked, or? This also happens when you remove the key.