Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Harley has a heritage and an owner's community that builds on the brand. They are big loud American motorcycles and thus they are popular. Are they the best engineered or the fastest? No. They are designed and built to be exactly what they are and attract the people who buy them. Someone who wants a fast sport bike isn't going to buy a Harley; they are built for their specific clientele.

The argument that Harley is the best motorcycle brand is the same as arguing that all American cars are better than foreign cars. While there are certainly a few good American vehicles and plenty of bad foreign vehicles, by and large several foreign companies have better engineering, better quality control, and in some cases better costs.

It's not. Many believe it is but I have spoken to people that have had better experiences with Victories. I'm not of fan of either, but Harley does have a long history behind it, and is well respected because of that. In that sense, it's the best bike. Try telling a Goldwing owner, whose bike never breaks down, that the UltraGlide, that can't last nearly as long without major repairs that the HD is a better bike. Understand where I'm coming from? The best is a matter of what you classify as being the best. I focus more on reliability. HD doesn't even make it in the top five.

Harley the best bike made today? Must be an amazing bike as the Japanese have been making the best bikes consistently up until today would love to see it.

Over in the political section we see a lot of questions that begin with 'Why is' and end with some outrageous statement, like "Why is the government drugging our water?' or 'Why is Obama planning to become a dictator before the next election?'

Harley is a good bike, and they are certainly very popular here in California where I live, especially considering their cost! But they aren't the best bike made. They only really make one kind of bike and I don't know if I'd even say they're the best one of those!

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Just on the off chance you're not a troll, and just naive, your question makes no sense. It's like asking why is reverse cowgirl the best position today? It isn't for everyone. Some hate it, some love it, some have yet to try it. It may be more popular in some locations or demographics than others, just depends who you ask really! ;)

Personal example. Due to the hilly, mountainous terrain, crap/awful roads, high rainfall and constantly unpredictable weather, Auckland has a particular ratio of Harley/cruiser riders to sports bike riders. When I moved to Australia, with it's flat as a pancake terrain, excellent roads & lower rainfall, I noticed the ratio of Cruisers to Sports bikes, jumped significantly in favor of the Cruisers.

All I can say is that it's nice that all the disagreement hasn't changed your opinion.

You're convinced.

I honestly don't know who makes the best........which is completely subjective.

I do know that my HD is not the best at logging trails - too heavy for the mud.

The best today? I don't know and don't care. I looked at the HD Street simply because I was curious. Other than that, I haven't look at a new bike since I got my HD in '06.

I have a soft spot for Hondas, but the newest I've had was an '82.

IT'S NOT. Ask any cop who switched from his old Harley cruiser to the newer BMWs. If he says the harley was better it's because he is obsessed with american made crap-mobiles. Ask anyone who owned a Ford and recently bought a BMW ;)

'Best' as in market sales and customer repeat business base? That might be a 'best' definition. As for performance, potential mileage/life expectancy, time between overhauls- Honda Goldwing, Kaw Vulcans, Suzi Boulevards as similar market cruisers might exceed the Harley's standards. Harley dealer and aftermarket have parts for 30 year old cycles still on the road. BMW dealers may not stock /2 parts anymore but can get them fairly quick so the old R60/2 on its 3rd 100,000 mile pin gets back on road. My Goldwing GL1000 may be older than poster and still gets on road- maybe not for a couple more months until snow melts, but most of local Harley's or in garage also. .

Harleys are no where near the best bike made. In fact, in my opinion, they're probably one of the worst made out there; they're overrated, overpriced, underengineered, built cheaply, have horrible customer service/tech support, and most of the riders are obnoxious "a" holes. And this isn't even including the fact that they have hardly changed in the last 30 years. Between the 1982 sportster (1000cc) and the 2012 sportster (1200cc) you see a difference of 17 horsepower (probably only due to the bigger engine size) and the 2012 actually gained about 12 pounds (again, only due to the bigger engine); the only notable change to harleys in the last 30 years has been the change from carburetion to fuel injection. How does that make them the BEST MADE bike around? Simply put: it doesnt.

I personally find yamaha best with honda in a very close second (almost tied). Kawasaki and suzuki are pretty much far and few between compared to yamaha, and you never hear of European bikes in my area. Ciao!

You need to crawl back under your rock. Harley today still runs a single pin twin that consumes 18% of it's available horsepower to counterbalance itself and keep it from destroying it's self. Engineered? That motor was an American embarrassment back in the 30's! You can chrome a cow turd, but all you end up with is a turd with chrome on it.