> Using Turn Indicators in a Parking Lot?

Using Turn Indicators in a Parking Lot?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 

Is it necessary to use turn indicators in a parking lot? I have my behind the wheels test tomorrow. Anyone answer me this pls. Thank you.

Most people don't do it, but you should use turn signals in the parking lot. Especially if it's really crowded through there, it helps a lot of people out that way. Also, you should use your signal when parking as well. I think it helps more to use your turn signals more often than you need to, at worse they will say you don't need it at that time, which is better than not using it when you do need it! Also, you should use your turn signal when pulling over.

yes when pulling into a parking space you MUST signal, head check for pedestrians on both sides then turn in. if you do NOT signal that is a fail. when reversing out you do NOT need to signal. if you are going to reverse into a parking space which almost everyone in my state does because it is so called "easier" then you obviously still need to signal.

signaling basically lets people know what your intentions are thats it. when leaving the curb/parallel parking space you must also signal.

signaling on the test is a MUST!!!

of course its necessary. You need to know where someone is turning in the car park its no different to the road

The same reason you use it on the road. To show people your intended direction of travel. It's not more complicated than that. It's useful in a parking lot and on the road.

If not then you got idiots with no turn signals just swerving all over the place and making others hit their brakes harder because they didn't get a warning that someone was going to cut them off, etc.