> Uk driving lessons, pulling off...?

Uk driving lessons, pulling off...?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I've had 4 lessons and the way he gets me to pull off the car, seems to take ages which isn't good at traffic lights.

I have to find the biting point and hold it still. Add a little gas and hold it still. Check my mirrors, then take of the handbrake. Then lift clutch up and them add more gas.

But the other day, I was on a bus at some traffic lights, and the car next to me pulled of fairly quick. He put the gear into 1, as he lifted the clutch up, he added gas. The way he did it was much quicker than I do it.

How come they learn us that way, as when you stop at traffic lights when then turn green, it takes forever to find the bite and that.

As you get more practised you will get quicker.

Also, if you are driving the same car every day, you soon learn exactly how to pull off in that car - you know where the biting point is so you don't have to "find" it - which makes it even quicker. Eventually you can do it without thinking about it. But it takes a lot of practise - a lot more than you will have had in only 4 lessons.

Give it a year or two of driving everyday any you'll be as good as the other driver you saw.

This stupid way of driving seems to be what is getting taught these days, but it's not how to drive a car.

You NEVER find the bite before applying a little gas or you risk the car stalling, and create wear on the engine mounts with it shuddering.

Set the gas before you find the bite, and if you're on level ground release the handbrake before you lift the clutch.

That is like, the proper way to do it. I've literally just passed my test aswell. It's just as you get more experienced everything will become part of your subconscious and all, stuff becomes hardwired into your mind and therefore everything sort of, speeds up.

Get to your biting point, set the gas, quick mirror check, handbrake off, and set off. :)

Plus, once you get your own car and start driving yourself, you'll find your own method and get used to whatever is comfortable too. For example I don't use my handbrake when stopped anymore, just keep the clutch and foot brake down, unless I'm sitting there for ages. Then quick mirror check, and set off (Bringing the clutch up and setting the gas has all just become one movement for me now, like a see-saw effect). Hope this helps :)

GAS !!!! this is not America, we use petrol and diesel. The way you are being taught is the correct way. It takes practice.


you are being taught how to pass the test what you do after passing is your business its called learning how to drive and that is what you saw in a practical demonstration