> Trouble knowing when to change lanes in traffic.. Anyone have tips?

Trouble knowing when to change lanes in traffic.. Anyone have tips?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
My biggest problem when driving is knowing when to and when to not change lanes in traffic.

Idk how close or far away a car needs to be to safely change.

Does anyone have any little things to remember when doing so?

Also, I hate when I put my turn signal on and they speed up.

Have you ever parked at the side of a busy road? If yes, then you have already have a good experience but you just did'nt realise it. So when you move out of parking you decide by judging how far a car is behind you and move out so you already have a safe distance in mind. Since you are moving from park the distance has to more than changing lanes while you are moving but to be safe you can still use the same distance as guide. When you decide to change put your blinker on but dont start moving at the same time. Give atleast 3 seconds for the other driver to know and react. If the other driver speeds up then let him cross first and make your judgement again. The 3 sec will also help you if just in case there is a car in your blind spot it will cross before you start changing lane. You will do fine , if you want practice first by parking and moving on a busy road.

Very simple method: If you don't know if it is safe to change lanes, then don't change lanes. Only do it when you are sure you can. When you are not sure, don't.

When to change lanes: When there aren't any cars, and it's safe to change lanes.

How close/far away a car needs to be: Far enough so you don't touch it while changing lanes.

My advice: Get some blind spot mirrors and put them on your side view mirrors those help me a lot when switching lanes because it makes me feel more comfortable knowing that there are no cars next to me before I proceed with the lane switch. If I see a car in my mirror, I would look at it for about half second and I can quickly determine the speed. You get used to judging the speed after your first few weeks of driving. Just keep practicing and you'll get better at it.

Also, when they speed up after you use turn signals, just cancel your turn signal, wait for them to pass, and use it again. (Don't worry, a lot of people speed up like that)

Hope I helped :)

First, depends on how fast the traffic is coming in the lane you want. Very important. I would say for safety 2 car length at least and then with blinker on, move into that lane quickly