> Tips on how to park a car?

Tips on how to park a car?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
This is really sad, but I can't get my license because I can't park. I have no idea how to park and back out of tight/crowded spaces. I know how to drive perfectly fine. I drive on both the freeway and locally pretty smoothly. But I just can't park. Well I mean of course I can park, but it's always so crooked and not in the lines. I think I can even parallel park, but I don't even know how to park into spaces unless it's straight ahead of me. I'm trying to practice, but my parents won't let me take lessons on it. They won't even take me to a parking lot so I can have my practice. The only time I "practice" is when my parents ask me to drive them to stores and then I park there. That's the only parking practice I get. Then they yell at me since I can't park..

So now I seriously have no choice. I need tips on how to park.

Such as things like when am I supposed to turn the wheel? When do I have to turn the wheel to straighten it back? Etc..

I'm turning 18 in a few months by the way. I've had my permit for almost a year..

It's always safer to reverse into the parking space and then when you have to leave, you can drive out forward and have a much better field of vision. When reversing, into or out of a space, go slowly, look behind you and use your side mirrors - the side view should be angled so they show the area behind you and a tiny sliver of the side of your car, use these to make sure you don't reverse into the side of the cars next to you.

The key is practice.

Do you have someone who can take you out and practice parking? I'm not sure what the laws in your state or if it's allowed, but it's the best way for you to get the hang of it.

Parallel parking: The theory is here: https://www.learnerdriving.com/ld-system... but when you should turn the wheel is dependent on the car you're driving, they all have different turning circles so I'm afraid no one can tell you exactly what to do, again it's something you have to get through trial and error.

My grandfather taught me how to reverse park, he made me practice for hours. I hated it at the time but boy, can I park a car!

Get toy cars and simulate parking and park in revere it's way better

Also when you park imagine your tires and the angle you are turning them do not get to close to the curve remember you alcan always straighten the wheels and the car

Car parking is definitely a vital thing for the car safety. One should prefer to park the car at proper parking place. Car parking mustn't be in public places. It leads to fine or insurance penalties.