> Texting while driving?

Texting while driving?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
My mom and I constantly have the same argument over her texting while driving. Now, she does the majority of it while at either stop signs or red lights, but she will occasionally text when we are on the highway or on a long drive. She seems to think that there is nothing wrong with it. I've heard of the awful texting while driving stories and it scares me and my younger sister, but she doesn't seem to care. Her argument is that when she texts at red lights, the car is at a complete stop so it doesn't matter. But, I disagree. Drivers need to be alert at all times, even at a stop light or stop sign. My dad, grandma, aunt and some of my friends agree with me and some of them have confronted her, but she still won't stop!! Her new rule is that if I can tell her she can't text while driving, she can take away my iPad and phone at 9:30 pm. Do you agree that this is a reasonable rule? Do you have any ideas on how to get her to stop texting while driving or am I wrong for thinking she should put down her phone and pay attention to the road?

Sorry if this was so long, and thank you if you read all of it. :)

Your mom is an idiot who is addicted to texting while driving. People like her should have their licenses revoked. Driving is a heavy responsibility, and when a person is controlling two tons of metal that can move at significant speed, that person needs to be focused on driving the whole time. Even when stopped, it's important to be vigilant for potential threats developing.

Knowing that she has this addiction, you should refuse to get in the car unless she's willing to hand over her cellphone. You should also report her to the police - it's called "tough love".

Irresponsible and inconsiderate.

As a motorcyclist, I've been merged on, pushed aside, cut off and almost rear ended by her kind.

She will have an accident, it's when not if.

Not to offend, but she's a dumbass,

worse yet, she's a stubborn, hardheaded dumbass.

There's been a ton of studies on the dangers of using a phone while driving. Most studies found that it's actually safer to drive drunk than it is to drive while using a phone sober:



Your mum is being selfish and is endangering you and others around her. Personally, I would refuse to get in the car with her until she stops doing it.

Tell her she better stop or she will be putting other lives at risk. Why doesn't she just use hands free and just make calls without picking at her phone that's a feature on vehicles. If she doesn't listen she will eventually get pulled over for distracted driving if she drives in Canada they enforced a texting while driving law in Alberta and other parts of Canada.

hide her phone

Turn her in to the police. She will kill somebody. Save a life. Turn her in.

Print this question off for her, she is an arrogant moron to ignore all the accidents and indeed deaths caused by texting while driving, Sorry your mom is risking your lives by being so stupid.

It can cause accidents. Even by the safest drivers. It's just best not to do it.