> T-boned in parking lot. Who is at fault?

T-boned in parking lot. Who is at fault?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I was driving through a movie theater parking lot. I was going about 5mph. There was a signless intersection and as I approached I slowed down, didn't see anyone and proceeded. About halfway across I saw something from the corner of my eye and looked to see a orange vehicle about to hit me. She was looking to the right as if she was looking for a parking spot. She hit me right on my passenger side door (which is halfway) on my small sedan. She claims that I am at fault because she had the right away. However I think she was traveling too fast and being negligent at an intersection. I was already more than halfway across the intersection so even though she was the right away I was technically there first even though this intersection has no stop signs.

Generally speaking, the end of the row of parked cars should be thought to always have a stop sign.

From that picture, I cannot tell. I would need to see the view behind the vehicle, not the 2 vehicles.

My feeling is the fault is with the other person,but because this happened on private property no police will be involved.Contact your insurance provider and ask them for advice.

Based solely on this anecdote, the woman who collided with your passenger side door is at fault.

She can claim whatever she wants. Let your insurance argue with her, stay out of it.

in spite of the blame, I would ask why you didn't try to avoid the collision ? looks like you had enough room to move to the left, stop, or accelerate enough to get ahead of the other vehicle..............not saying that you were wanting an accident, but...........