> Suzuki V-Strom 650 as a first bike?

Suzuki V-Strom 650 as a first bike?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Hey! I am thinking of buying the suzuki v-strom 650 for my first bike ! I am 23 years old and tall ( 1.90 m) . I am not fan boy of speed and i would love to do long trips.

I know that i maybe drop it but i am really careful . I really love the style of V-strom.

What do you think? Is it a good bike?

Thanks in advance . :)

I think the V-Strom would be ideal. It's a good size for learning. Plus it has that Suzuki 90-degree V-twin that I think is just a very elegant design, perfect primary balance end all that. It's small enough to learn on, but you won't quickly grow out of it.

The one thing I'm doubtful of is the tires. The V-Strom is marketed party as a dual-sport, able to do some mild off-road riding. The tires on some of these bikes are compromises between road and dirt tires and, though I admittedly don't have any experience with these things, I wonder if these compromise tires work as well as street tires. They may be a little slippery on the street. Just a thought. I would bet any V-Strom old enough to have worn through its factory tires would probably have regular street tires, because I don't think many owners buy a V-Strom for off-road.

I use a VStrom 650 for long distance riding. I've set it up for comfort. 50,000 miles on this bike so far and it's never failed me.

The engine is a venerable Suzuki engine. It started out in the SV650, now the Gladius as well as the VStrom. Very reliable, fuel efficient.

There are many tires available for this bike. You can go the full road tire route or do a combo tire for some off road capability or even go full DOT knobbies if you really want.

This bike is heavy for off road use. It works nicely on graded dirt roads and I do know people who take these bikes into the really gnarly off road stuff, but it's happier on the street. I use Shinko 705 - a combo tire and they work fine on the highway and OK on dirt.

It's a bit tall for some people who are new riders, but the power band and ease of riding is good on this bike.

Have fun. It's a good bike.

Used a rental V-Strom 650 on a 5,00 miler thru New Zealand and it was a fun bike to journey on.

As for a first/starter bike that's up to you, powerful enough without being overwhelming and went everywhere I deemed possible for a 'sorta' dual sport.

Not a bad choice but a little bit of an iffy as a starter-bike, slightly heavy with no or any luggage on-board but doable.

Not a bad first choice if you don't mind a few no/slo drops as they seem to be pretty durable.

I owned a V-Strom 1000 a few years back. I really liked the bike, but I wanted to carry a passenger, and it was just too small for riding two-up. If you plan on riding solo pretty much all the time, it should be OK.