> Speed awareness course qualification?

Speed awareness course qualification?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I was in a rush the other day when I got caught doing 43mph in a 30mph zone. I'm a good driver and never normally speed. I got a notice through the post that I'm going to be prosecuted because of my stupid actions. I read the speed awareness course and you are only allowed to do the course if you was only travelling up to 42mph. As you notice I was 1mph over, I wanted to know how lenient they would be and would they still let me do the speed awareness course?


Someone has decided a formula to decide the limit for getting offered the SAC. If you are over that then you will not be offered it and you cannot get it by asking for it.

Andy C

No, you can't ask.

Can I ask for a speed awareness course?

A place on a speed awareness course is offered to those who have committed lower level speeding offences. A driver cannot request to go on a speed awareness course.

If you ask, they might let you do the speed awareness course just for fun but you'll still get points and a fine. They don't bend the rules.

There is not "entitlement" to go on the course. The police will offer it to you if they consider you a suitable candidate, if there is one running in your area and if there are places on it. Don't hold your breath waiting.

Respond to the NIP in good time, don't forget it's when they receive it not when you post it which counts.

The chances are you will get 3 points and £100 fine but if this is your first speeding offence they MAY offer the course but at 13 mph over a 30 limit it's doubtful.

If you don't get your response back in time then the case will be sent to the court to deal with where the fine, and maybe the points will be higher, plus you'll lose a days work.

Once you have been convicted don't forget to inform your insurance company, don't wait until next renewal to do so, it probably won't make any difference on your current policy but expect higher priemums and possibly increased excesses next year (and the following four years)

At 43 MPH there is no guarantee that they will even offer you a fixed penalty the matter may go straight to court

According to this site http://ukspeeding.co.uk/SpeedAwarenessCo... speed awareness courses are offerd at 10% above the limit +6mph - ie 39mph in a 30mph zone. And no you cannot ask to go on a course. Expect a £100 fine and 3 points which will be done by fixed penalty so no need to go to court - http://ukspeeding.co.uk/SpeedFines.htm

Why would they be lenient? Maybe the punishment will haver the desired effect? Which is what they want.

"I'm a good driver and never normally speed."

Course you are a good driver, everybody says that and for the record you were NOT 1mph over you were 13mph over.

If you think it is unfair that you are being prosecuted instead of being offered the course go to court but expect more points and a bigger fine.