> Should I buy a Yamaha R6? Some guy down the street from where I live has a Yamaha R6 leaned up against the side of his h

Should I buy a Yamaha R6? Some guy down the street from where I live has a Yamaha R6 leaned up against the side of his h

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
It's been leaning against the wall for a good year and a half possibly going for 2 years now. I looks like its a 09 R6. Obviously, the motorcycle(Yamaha R6) has a bunch of dust on it. It's never been left in the sun, rain or snow. I really want to buy it from him but I don't know what things to look for when it come to buying a used bike. I really don't care if it's been dropped once or twice or if it has some straches. I just want it to work like a normal bike thats all. Now my question is, is it worth buying it from him?

depends on price and history of the R6- did the owner drop it once and get scared? get caught driving over the speed limit by 50mph and lose license for past 2 years? May be usable after deferred maintenance at good price. did owner forget to put back drain plug snug after first oil change and go out on highway at speed limit for 20 miles after plug fell out and engine seized? Then you have a frame with paperwork, VIN for parts and engine is bits and pieces. IF you then have same year R6 picked up off side of road after a left turn incident with running engine, bent forks and cracked frame- and no paperwork - you may have a make 1 out of 2 project that would give lessons and result in usable ride afterwards. OR you know of another good R6 easy to steal that could get VIN changed and resold quick with the setting junk paperwork.

Unless he is giving it away it is probably not as good an investment as buying one that has been regularly used.

Make him an stupidly low offer, if he accepts and has the paperwork then you have got yourself a project, because it will cost some money and/or effort to get it on the road, after that the world is your oyster or racetrack.

BTW do not imagine for a moment that R6s are suitable for novices, it could be the owner left it leaning on a wall after discovering that.

Probably absolute junk/fried.

How many thousands of dollars are you willing to blow getting a turd up and running?

Do you have tools/garage and knowhow to inspect/rebuild/replace any worn/thrashed/broken parts? Have the means to test the engine? If it has been left leaning against a wall, it likely is in need of major repair, not to mention tires will be likely dry, any cables/hoses will likely have some issues, chain will be shot, battery fried, etc, etc.

Follow the $500 rule. Not running, not worth more than $500. No paperwork, $100

Now go drink a beer and relax

Any bike leaning against the garage is probably junk, especially if it's been outside for almost two years without moving and without being under cover.

I doubt that it runs and a non-running bike is only worth the sum of its parts.