> Restoring A Burned Gsxr ?

Restoring A Burned Gsxr ?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Looking to buy this gsxr clean tittle for 100$ guy says engine is good . Bike was on the side of a garage when the garage caught on fire . Just wondering if i could restore it and put it back on the road. What would have to be done? is it worth it?

Where at?? Id buy it!! You could easily make a naked bike or street fighter out of it, assuming all the plastics melted, if it was just on the side of a fire im sure the engine is fine, you can probably find a conplete wire harness on ebay for like $100..depending on how old it is, then its just a matter of skill a patience if you can get it back up and going.. If anything else you could take a part, clean up the remaining parts and sell them for a profit

Looking at your other question, with the VIN "burned" off, the bike is worth nothing, if the VIN is still visible on the engine you might be able to coax some life out of it and sell it but fire could damage seals, if it was hot enough it could distort the cases.

My view is that it would be throwing money down the drain.

A re-phrase- It's a parts-bike, you'd spend more money trying to get it back into order than it's worth.

(like selling a nickel-deposit bottle for half a peeny).

Depends on what shape it is in.

No possible way for us to tell without detailed pictures of engine and frame.