> Predator 212cc engine or Lifan 125cc engine?

Predator 212cc engine or Lifan 125cc engine?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
The two engines in question are the Predator 212cc 4 stroke go kart (with a stage 2 performance kit) with a price tag of about 300-320$ or a Lifan 125cc 4 stroke for 300-350$.

Purpose of the engines are for go karting.

What I consider as my priorities are the following:

- Speed (followed by power)

- Fuel consumption

- Reliability

What is the best, from the two, to buy? No 2 stroke engines suggestion as they are hard to find and expensive to cover.

Thank you!

Defiantly the predator 212cc, that is a nice powerful engine that got me to 42mph stock with 1-5.4 gearing, it's great on fuel consumption,and puts up to a lot of abuse, don't listen to Nightworks about the predator, it might be Chinese but it's better then most engines

Lifan 125cc

Well, since both engines are cheap, poorly made and unreliable Chinese crap, that you can't get spare parts for, "reliabilty" and "speed" can come off your list - neither engine will give you either of those requirements.

go a Suzuki gsr 600 engine