> Picking out first Motorcycle?

Picking out first Motorcycle?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I been wanting a motorcycle for awhile and need help figuring out which one is the best for me. I'm 6'3 and weigh about 230. I only ridden a dirt bike with cluch once but drive a scooter daily so I know how to balance it. But I need help figuring out which size and brand to get. I was told to get a gsxr 750. Also need gear too what's the best brand stuff to get gear thanks

The GSX-R is a wonderful thing for what it is, but it's not easy to ride, not forgiving for beginners (and not the easiest clutch to use!) It's a dedicated single-purpose sportbike, more at home on the track than the street.

You would do much better to get a 'medium sized' STANDARD, like a Ninja 650, Honda 599, Suzuki SV650 or GS500, Yamaha FZR600, something like that. There are many models in this category, so check out your local Craigslist and see what's available near you (you should start on a used bike, IMO).

Your weight won't be a problem on any of these bikes, but your height might be. All I can tell you is that every bike has a little different ergonomics--the spatial relationship between the seat, handlebars and footpegs--and how a bike fits you is entirely subjective. You have to find one of the model you're interested in and throw a leg over it and see how it feels to you.

Good luck! A lot of us lifelong motorcycle lovers started out on scooters! My first bike was a Lambretta!

The GSXR 750 is not really a very good learner's bike, a bit too much, too soon.

With little bit of experience a twin 500 or a V-twin 650 will be just fine.

Do yourself a favor and wait for the in-line-4 cylinder bikes for now, buy a used first street-bike, get a better feel from the power first.

My thoughts are if you have driven off road many years sure go for the 750. But since you've only ridden a dirt bike once I would lean to a tamer bike.

Every day there are novices trying to get approval for an inappropriate choice of bike by saying how tall and heavy they are.

Bikes are not shoes, you don't buy a bike with an engine displacement to suit your size.

You might not get the approval you want, but are you going to let that affect your choice?

The Triumph Facebook page has great selections---also go for a Harley Fat Bob or Iron 883----

A 170mph race replica is a perfect starter bike!