> POLL: Ninja 300? FZ6R? Honda CBR 500?

POLL: Ninja 300? FZ6R? Honda CBR 500?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
For me, given those three, I'd go for the FZ6R.

First of all it's a four, the other two are twins. I don't necessarily prefer four but fours and twins are different!

Secondly it's bigger and faster. I have to do a lot of riding on the highway. I live in California where you have to drive 10 miles on the freeway just to get to the supermarket! So bigger is better.

But they're all three very good bikes! 300-600cc are good size

The ninja 300 and honda 500 will both be more economical as they're twins, but power delivery will be lazy and flat and neither will be that exciting, the Fazer 6 will be significantly worse on fuel - 4cyls are thirsty compared to twins, but will be a more substantial bike, much quicker than the others and the one I'd go for, I've owned several yammy FZs over the years and still have an early naughties FZS600 which is as reliable as a wood burning stove, good for 135+ and has a really comfy seat and riding position :)

Three different bikes but if they are free I'll take all three, so being a Yamaha owner since 1974 I'll take the FZ6R.

For a learner, for a full-time rider with slightly sporty inclinations, for a commuter?

What do you want/need from a bike?