> My motorcycle is having gas problems.?

My motorcycle is having gas problems.?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I have a 1999 Kawasaki Vulcan 500 LTD. It seems to flood the engine when I let it have any gas on the petcock and while idling. When I turn the gas down low or all the way off it idles fine. But when I start going it needs fuel so it dies.

Not sure how to fix this problem, hope you guys can help!

That bike has the same engine as the Ninja 500r, a parallel twin. You most definitely have carb problems. Fortunately for you, they are easy to work on. There has to be a float stuck open. Remove the carbs however you may and then remove the float bowls. If the floats do not move up and down freely, there is your problem. If they do, then remove the floats, but be very careful with the pins, You don't want to break the ears that are holding the pins. If you do, the carbs are useless. Once that is done. remove the nut that the needle disappears into. Once that is out, you will find a screen basket. Chances are that basket is clogged with lacquer. Clean that crap out with denatured alcohol. If your jets are clogged with lacquer, I don't recommend removing them, as you probably won't get them set where they were and the bike will never run the same again. In that case, it's best to have someone do the work who knows about these things. '

One symptom of water in the gas.

Drain the carburetors into a clean cup to see what comes out.

Water in gas looks like a jelly fish floating around.

Water is heavier than gas.

It sits at the bottom of the carburetor float bowl.

When you accelerate, the vacuum of the engine lifts up the water and it temporarily clogs the jets.

If you run ethanol-added fuel the carb probably needs a good thorough cleaning, the float valve or the main needle may be sticking open.

Take the bike to a reliable motorcycle mechanic and get the carburetor rebuilt. Sounds like a float sticking.

Sounds like a float valve is leaking.

Maybe you should check your float, needle and seat?