> Motorcycle turn signal wiring question?

Motorcycle turn signal wiring question?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I am replacing the rear turn signals on my bike (85 Yamaha XJ700) to something that is flexible and smaller.

The turn signals I bought have one black wire and one black/white wire. I've read that black/white is ground and black is ground (in this case), which I am confused by because I am used to straight up black being ground no matter what.

Which wire is for the positive feed?

NOTE: signals did not come with instructions or labels of any kind.

It really doesn't matter. It is just a wire in the bulb and the filament doesn't care which way the current flows. The only problem you might have is if the indicators have running lights fitted (US bikes seem to have this, hence the two wires) and the negative uses the connection to the frame as the "ground". Otherwise you could hook up the indicators either way

Oh em gee, dude. You don't say whether the bub is fitted to a metal post, a metal fender, the metal frame, or, like, what, dude. Worst case, the ground wire is there just in case the light is not grounded by simply screwing it onto some metal part connected to the frame. If you, like, mount the light onto a grounded metal part of the bike, and then, like, hook the ground wire to hot, you may DESTROY your turn signal switch, you may BLOW one or more fuses, and you may do a little arc-welding somewhere else on the motorcycle. Worst case your battery overheats, your bike catches on fire, your gas tank explodes, shrapnel from the exploding gas tank penetrates your brain, and you DIE. Ohm out (like with a meter, dude) the wires to the socket, including the mounting screw(s). Plenty of youtube vids on how to use a meter, dude. This is, like, electricity 000.1, dude. Like, really, dude.

BTW just about any crappy cheap digital or analog multimeter will work for this, because all you care about is basic continuity.

Strip back about an inch on each wire (blk/wht and blk) touch ends to a 12volt battery. If it works or doesn't work, reverse it. Then you'll know for sure what's what.

Check the bulb holder - the wire connected to the central bulb contact is positive, the one to the bulb side is negative.

Use a tester if you have one and know how to use it properly, otherwise let someone help you.

What Firestormer said.

how should i know? why dont you test it and see for yourself?