> Motorcycle license in California?

Motorcycle license in California?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
If i am over 18 do I have to have my permit for 6 months before I can apply for a license In California???

The learners' permit is to allow you to drive a car or ride a motorcycle on public streets, subject to some restrictions, without a license, to learn to drive or ride, so you can then take a test. If you are already skilled in riding or driving--say you moved in from another state where you were already licensed--then you can dispense with the permit.

The exception is if you're under 18. The state wants to discourage people under 18 from getting a license so they throw a lot of obstacles in your way. You have to have formal training, good grades, etc. You're over 18 so that doesn't apply to you.

California has a very nice web site with all sorts of information about drivers licenses. Why don't you USE the facilities that are provided for you.

You can take a rider safety course and when you pass you will have a motorcycle endorsement. So, no you dont have to wait 6 months

Actually, it does give straight answers.


That's as simple as it gets