> Motorcycle cover leaves chain exposed. Is that okay?

Motorcycle cover leaves chain exposed. Is that okay?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I recently purchased the Coverite Premiumtech motorcycle cover from Pepboys. The cover fits my Kawasaki Ninja 250 nicely, and it seems to be made of quality materials. The only problem is that it doesn't entirely cover the lower potion of my bike. It leaves the bottom portion of my chain exposed. I live in a condo, so my bike will be stored outside year-round. Am I being paranoid, or will the exposure to rain and snow damage the chain over time?

4 things will happen,

1 - the chain will get rusty from not being use way before rain will do any harm, approximately 6+ month of no use

2 - your chain will get rusty from the dirt picked up from riding way before rain will do

3 - the chain will last 10,000 - 15,000 miles and will stretch out before it will rust if used regularly and put some lube / clean

4 - you will outgrow the 250 ninja before you need to change your chain :D

its a great bike and does a lot of things well

Actually humidity and condensation at night will do the most damage. Lube your chain, even when just sitting, to protect it. You can spray all of the metal parts with a protective spray before storage... including the rear shock piston shaft and fork tubes. You can wax the painted parts. Clean the bike so there is no wet dirt anywhere to enhance corrosion. Keep the tank full and use fuel stabilizer. Battery boxes love to rust! Remove and trickle charge the battery and monitor the liquid level (unless AGM or Li-Fe). Covers keep condensation in, dude, which be bad, so take the cover off on nice days so the condensation can evaporate. Change all fluids in the Spring: brakes, forks, engine, transmission, because the humidity goes there, too... an rusty stuff don't work good.

Damage the chain?

That will be the least of the problems, left outside year-round will eat up that whole bike. Suggest you at least buy a good quality cover for the bike and USE IT!.

If you maintain your chain by keeping it clean and lubed, the rain and snow won't damage it.