> Looking for duel sport bike?

Looking for duel sport bike?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I'm looking for a duel-sport motorcycle that does not look like a damn dirt bike something with a little bit of class to it..... not too expensive either... I know about the new Ducati scrambler and like it alot but its a bit pricy for a first bike.

If it is an actual dual sport bike then it has to have long travel forks and tall rear suspension, it should have a high front and rear mudguard and tall wheels. Otherwise it will not have any serious off-road capability. It has to have some damn dirt bike appearance to function.

Of course if you do not want the off-road ability then there are so-called dual-sports which have very little hope of negotiating anything more tricky than a gravel path.

V-Strom, Tiger, Super Tenere – all have only a nodding acquaintance with off-road capability –?but none of them are intended to be a first bike.

Further to that if you do not want the off-road capability then perhaps a dual sport bike is not the route to take.

Just go with a Triumph Tiger 800, than yo're riding a real dual-sport.

Rephrase your question, if you are looking for a motorcycle, don't call it a "bike" otherwise your question gets kicked into the section for questions about bicycles

The 2014 Suzuki DR650SE is perfect. Top speed is about 127mph and it is great for trail and also looks great on the road.