> Legal to ride a motorcycle off road UK?

Legal to ride a motorcycle off road UK?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
If you have a full motorcycle license and an insured motorcycle can you legally ride it in your local woods and fields etc?

If it's your field or wood; Yes.

If it's not your field or wood: No that would be trespass or maybe been aggravated trespass if you damage the ground

If it's common land you can ride no more than 10 metres from the roadway.

If it's Bridleway or footpath: No

If it's green lane then yes. (Subject to local by laws)

If you have the land owners permission and there's no danger to the public then sure. You can't just pick a field/wood at random.

Your as in your private property? Fine. Not otherwise without the landowners permission.

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