> Is this car accident my fault?

Is this car accident my fault?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I have a question regarding an accident I just had, any help or input is appreciated.

I was driving down a Main Street, 10pm, and it is green ahead at the next intersection, so I continue to drive. At the last second a car pulls merges in from the street the my right, and cuts me off, I quickly honk and swerve to the left to avoid a collision, and hit another car. I follow the car I hit to a safe place while the car that cut me off takes off. Me and her talk about it, she knows what happened, and her only damage is a minor dent/scratch on her passenger mirror, almost insignificant. My driver mirror is completely gone, scratched right fender, and a distorted front bumper/headlight. It was my first accident and hers, I called some people they told me to just switch numbers and pay for our own damages and she wanted to do that too. I just wanted to make sure I made the right decision, and am curious would this be considered my fault in a police report? What would happen if we had called the police? What do you guys think about the situation? It all really sucks to me, and am bummed about it.

Thanks guys.

You are at most likely at fault, it would have been much better if you hit the car which cut you off. While you did what might be natural to you , you cannot cross in to another travel lane.

Don't be bummed out too much, accidents and near misses help improve your future driving skills. Your right, this sucks, just Be happy no one seems hurt.

You are at fault for crossing in to the other lane. Insurance can't blame the guy that cut you off because you have no idea who it was, and you STILL crossed in to her lane and she did nothing wrong. If you called the police they would have taken a report where they write what you say happened(since you are likely to agree that you went in her lane) and give you each a copy that gives the information(name, insurance company, policy number, vin from the car, type of car, etc.) I mean even if you both talk about this other car it's still a "phantom" car as far as the police are concerned. They may write a car allegedly cut you off, or make some note of it, but they have NO PROOF and no information of that car. Insurance will put it 100% on you for going in to her lane.

Technically, it might be the car that cut you off is at fault (unsafe lane change). But he's long gone. You would have some responsibility, because you're not supposed to go into another lane when that happens.

When you say "pay for our own damages", does that mean she would be paying to fix her own car? Wow, that's really nice of her. Probably someone will set her straight.

A drunk and two urban driving novices, perfect ingredients for injustice. But "at fault" is not the apropos question. Simply put, you must take the blame because there's one one else to do so. Lesson learned? Never enter an intersection without knowing whats coming. And always be scanning for clues to what might happen. You could have called 911 to report a drunk driver proceeding from your location on Main Street. That might have gotten you off the hook.

You are at fault unfortunately even though your action was to avoid a different crash.