> Is there an Anti-Theft device that would impale, electrocute, or set fire to the thief or at least make a loud excruciat

Is there an Anti-Theft device that would impale, electrocute, or set fire to the thief or at least make a loud excruciat

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
My boyfriends car just got broken into, they didn't break windows but they did use something to break the door open pull the back seat down and take his laptop, work equipment, and school books. He has insurance but we're looking for something that protect our car from being broken into next time.

Well first car insurance rarely covers whats in the car.. Renters insurance does though. from the sounds of it they used a body panel puller to yank the lock cylinder out. You have to understand car break ins are crimes of opportunity rarely if ever to crooks stakeout a simple car. The ONLY thing I know of that might help a bit is a car alarm with motion detectors and starter kill.. Even then it just makes the alarm go off. You could try to make something like you stated but the odds of it being used on you or the BF is HUGE.. Also is a crook wants in they will get in. all you can really do is keep things out of sight and locked up the best you can. I know for a fact I can slip most locks in less than 2 minutes I do it on a regular basis.. your windows are down it takes 30 seconds a quick pull and shift will drop most windows off the track. it is a sad world where you have to worry about this stuff but it happens I have had a few cars broken inot and even one stolen. So work with the mind set of prevent rather than destroy.

It is a well established factual and valid recommendation from all sorts of experts from law enforcement to insurance agents that no one should have items of value subject to theft inside a vehicle visible for thieves to see. This gives thieves a reason, a motive, a target. Items belong in the trunck of a car or in a locked box in the back of a pickup truck or hidden in boxes or device in vehicles like an SUV. Sorry about the break in but a bit of information and common sense would have prevented this event.

There are alarms that make a loud sound.

Anything that sets fire to the thief would also set fire to the car and destroy the car and the stuff in it. So it wouldn't protect anything.

Devices that kill thieves are illegal. For example, a person who rigs a gun to kill a burglar when no one is home goes to prison for a long time.

best thing to do is try and see if you can get your windows tinted that way they dont know whats exactly in the car so they wont target something they cant even see into since it maybe a waste of time.. also a regular car alarm should be fine make sure its got an immobilizer they came in handy

We all feel like that when it happens to us, we want to hurt the guy who ripped us off. But most times all it takes is to hide your stuff away or put a coat over it so a thief doesn't see it.

I understand your temptation, but those kinds of devices would be considered unjustified assault with a deadly weapon and would land you in prison for a long time. The number one thing you can do to protect yourself is to not leave anything of value in an unattended vehicle.

You can't kill people for burgling your car.

He was stupid for leaving those items in his car in the FIRST place. Bet he wont do THAT again.

None of that is exactly legal. How about a regular sort of car alarm?