> Is there a problem with using premium (93 octane) gas in a car.?

Is there a problem with using premium (93 octane) gas in a car.?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I drive a 2003 Honda Civic Ex. It has a 1.7L 4 cylinder v-tech engine. I will fill up with it every 4-5 fill ups. I typically use the regular (87 octane) fuel. I just want to know if I could be causing any damage to my head gasket, pistons or any other part of the fuel system.

It won't hurt a thing in your car and it will not cause any pre-ignition nor knocking. People who does not know or even some auto technicians thinking that pre-ignition or knocking are the same thing: It's not! Period. Read this for your knowledge about it:

Pre- Ignition or Detonation?: Back in 2001, I came across this article that explains the difference very well. Many techs use these terms interchangeably when they are actually two different things.

The first half of the article explains detonation and the second half explains pre-ignition. There is a lot of useful info as to the theory of these phenomenon, and the cause and effect.


Now back to the higher octave fuel: What it does inside your engine is burning at a slower rate during the completion of the combustion cycle. It may not require for your vehicle engine like some others but it will not do any harm at all. It will not help at all if your car has some problem in relation to performance.

There are tons of articles on the web will explain to you about the fuel octave rating and what those ratings will do to your car or what car requires the higher higher octave fuel. HTH

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Nope, but you are wasting your money putting premium fuel in an engine designed to run on 87 octane. Only high compression engines require the high test fuel to prevent preignition/knocking, you will see no benefit from it and your wallet will be a bit lighter.

I will add; there are times that using mid grade will be beneficial, like when driving in the mountains at high altitude. Most gas stations in the mountains don't carry 87 octane fuel for this reason. I always use premium fuel in all air cooled and marine engines.

It will provide no benefit whatsoever and is a total wast of money. In fact using Premium in an engine designed to use Regular can cause hard starting especially in cold temperatures. Anyone that tells you to use Premium and it will make your engine run smoother, get better mileage, or have more power do not know what they are talking about. It is scientifically impossible for a higher octane to do any of that in an engine designed for regular.

The only thing using a higher octane fuel damages is your wallet. It will produce NO extra performance in a regular engine.

It won't damage the car. However in a normal car like a civic, it won't improve performance so your kinds wasting your money. You'll only benefit from it with a higher performance engine

not at all you will make the engine run smoother if anything, if you want to pay the price for premium, go ahead and try it, you might get better gas mileage too!

why would it hurt anything? its just a waste of money iof the car doesn't require premium gas all the time

Wont hurt a thing but will waste your money ....performance could get worse or a knock sensor code could set believe it or not also ..