> Is the Nissan 240sx a fast car ?

Is the Nissan 240sx a fast car ?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I've always wanted one im very attached due to the appearance and it's Intro for drifting but could it be more than just a drifting car

On 1989-1994 240SX, Top speed only goes to 115mph due to VSS. 240SX is not exactly known for topspeed but stability, and for the motor Torque since it was actually used for Nissan Trucks. 1997 Nissan Hardtop for ex. The Nissan 240SX has been a favorite at car shows for almost two decades, showing off a sleek sense of style along with a touch of racing-inspired enthusiasm. I would say with correct mods it can be become a real beast and show you much better results.

Ls v8 swap is the sickest, your looking at drift or drag, the skyline engine is the rb26det or rb25det rwd or awd trans, either way your looking at at least 6k in mods for those, at least, cheap engine to put in one are sr20det that engine with manual trans if you look hard enough will run around 1k, the rb20det is a little more being around 1300-1500, the reason the rb26det and rb25det motors are so expensive is because theyre illegal in the US and to get a new one you have to go through US customs and get it licensed and legal, all motors i talked about are Nissan but the ls witch is chevy and a new one with the horses you want is around 20k, the det on the end of the Nissan motors are turbo the non-turbo are just de, and twin turbo are dett, the rb or sr are the Nissan series letters the stock motors most commonly found in 240's are ka24, de or det, sohc or dohc, the best thing to go with for a small budget is the ka24det dohc, build that and its pretty decent

Because it was a rear wheel drive car power-slides drifting are almost possible. Problem is the 240SX never had much power and most were automatic transmission cars.

If you get a 240x with an Sr20 it is going to be decently fast off top and you can build them up. It all depends on the motor.. You can swap in an RB26 or 2jz and its a wrap son. You going hella fast drifting with ease.

A stock 1 has a 155 hp il 4 ,... 2.4 liter but they are easy and cheep to work on and it is extremely easy to swap those engines.so the answer to your question is no they aren't very fast but you can make them quick easily

Stock 240s aren't fast. But you COULD make it fast

yes its a fast car.