> Is it smart to trade in my 2014 escape for a 2010 or 2008 dodge cummins?

Is it smart to trade in my 2014 escape for a 2010 or 2008 dodge cummins?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Iv been wanting a diesel for a long time now and I know they hold there value very well.. just seeing if anyone can help me out here

Short answer, YES! BUT make sure you check service and repair records on truck and have a quality diesel mechanic give the truck the once over. Cummins diesel engines are the best on the market and are a lot less to service and repair then any other diesel engines in my opinion, and I have been a Cummins certified mechanic over 20 years. Seen and serviced or repaired nearly every type of diesel engine being used today and cummins last 2xs longer then the rest.

If you really want a diesel and know the '08 through '10 rams hold their value well especially with the Cummins as it isn't wise to trade in your new escape for an slightly older ram.

I would always question the wisdom in changing my vehicle for an 'older' model.....but these 'Cummins' engined trucks are great. I am in the Uk and we only see a few 'big' American pick-ups here due to the price of fuel ('gas' to you). I was talking to a guy recently who delivers 'boats' by road for a living and he uses a Dodge 'Ram' with a Cummins and considers it the best towing vehicle he has ever had - Superior to anything British (or European).

So yes......Go buy one, but try and find a slightly 'later' model.

Oh, and by the way....The only thing "Brain Dead" on here are some of the answerers !

I'd go with a 03 to 05 ram but that's just me

depends how much you like the older car bcus it does not make sense to trade in a newer car for a older one...

Hi i think your brain dead.