> Is it dangerous?

Is it dangerous?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
My boyfriend tells me it is not dangerous to go over the speed limit. I tell him to slow down because I think it is dangerous. Is it? Btw he is 17 and driving a 20+ year old car

I honestly think it is safe in most normal driving conditions (daylight, dry road, light traffic) to go a little over the limit. Say 5-10 mph. If he is weaving through traffic and driving aggressively, that is definitely dangerous.

17 year old males have an extremely high accident rate, probably due to overconfidence, so I would not just take his word for it. Trust your own judgement on whether he is driving safely for the conditions. If you are not comfortable with the speed and he will not slow down even just to make his passenger comfortable, I would recommend that you travel by a different method.

Remember, you don't have to convince him that what he is doing is dangerous (that would be impossible). You can agree to disagree on that point, but still negotiate a speed that you can both live with.

He's an idiot, it's not so bad if only 5 over the limit, but more than that is dangerous, and if the speed limit is 65 and you are going 85 and have a blow out, you will probably slide off the road, maybe kill someone or yourself.

It takes years of driving experience to be a good driver, not just 1 year.

Be smart, I know cars and I know what can go wrong and lots of things can go wrong.

Most of the time, yes. It is dangerous, but if he doesn't care about that just tell him about the fines. They are stupidly high nowadays!

That time where it isn't so dangerous to speed is when all of traffic is speeding. It's more dangerous to drive the speed limit than to go with the flow of traffic.

If you're worried about something going wrong on the car don't be. as long as he had an inspection done on it and there's no rattles or knocks it'll be fine.

Like jack said though (above), he should only speed if the passenger is comfortable with it, in my opinion. However, being a car guy don't be like those people who say "All speed kills". If your smart and do it on an empty road in daylight (that way you have less of a chance of hitting wildlife) it's fine.

Last year I did a safety presentation at work in which I outlined a common situation: the driver is in the left lane of the freeway and the right lane is full of trucks and cars. Traffic slows suddenly and the car ahead ducks into the last space in the right lane to reveal a disabled car 100 yards ahead and the passengers bailed out, leaving no place to go. The driver can only mash the brakes and hold on.

I detailed impact speeds for each of 4 initial speeds - 75 mph, 80 mph, 85 mph, and 70 mph. For each I calculated the likelihood of survival, based on a well-established formula. At 75 mph there was a 60% chance of survival; at 80 mph there was a 40% chance; at 85 mph it would be a fluke to survive. At 70 mph the chances rose to 80% survival.

Every experienced driver can remember a moment when they were mashing the brake and wishing with all their heart they were going a little slower. Your BF is a fool.

A car is about 1/2 a ton of metal travelling at speed, a bit like a big bullet. Of course the faster it goes the more dangerous it is. The reason car insurance is so expensive for younger drivers is because they lack experience, but they insist on driving as though they had it. If you refused to get in his car because of his bad attitude, you might help him to improve the safety of his driving. Of course, that's easier said than done.

He's it's very dangerous. Roads have speed limits for different reasons. A speed limit on a road is down becAuse an accident on that road can be more detrimental since It is smaller than a bigger open road like a highway. And also for neighborhoods etc

Because most driver go 5-20 mph faster than the official speed limit, many places post speed limits 5-10 mph faster than they really think that drivers should go. So, no, it's not necessarily dangerous. It might be, in some places, but not everywhere.

Depends on how fast you are going and weather conditions. Going 75 in a 65 (normal road condiitions) per say isn't really dangerous but in contrast doing say 90mph consistently would be dangerous as most cars would probably being doing 75-80 max. so it can be dangerous in that sense. just depends on the flow of traffic and road conditions. Plus fines are even worse.

Speed is not dangerous as long you have the ability to keep the car on the road

and driving a 20 yrs old car is not more dangerous than driving a brand new car

Yes it is dangerous because speed limits are set so car drivers and cars have time to react to driving hazards.