> In the competition between cars and motorcycles who wins?

In the competition between cars and motorcycles who wins?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
If the competition is about the fun factor, then it's motorcycles.

"Four wheels move the body - two wheels move the soul"

In a demolition derby, a car will win every time.

Is it raining?

Dan H nailed it bro except the videos that I seen, the bmw hp4 just rapes all competition from lame cars to exotic super cars but then again it was only about 2-3 mile race

You pick the vehicles, I pick the course, I win. You pick a Corvette, you pick a 50cc scooter for me, I pick a course in downtown Los Angeles and the I win on the scooter.

In a high performance car vs a high performance motorcycle, the motorcycle usually wins the short race, but the car usually wins the long race.

If there are lots of corners, the bike wins the acceleration race out of the corner and the car wins the corner itself. Motorcycles are lighter and accelerate faster than cars and cars corner faster because they have lower center of gravity and better tire (more tires) grip. It can be a tie for that reason depending on the track and how long the straights are between corners.

So it depends on the competition itself and the vehicles being raced.

A car. The whole family can go out together.

If you're not married a girlfriend doesn't want to go on a date on a motorcycle.

What bike ? , What car , what type of competition ?

A Corvette vs a Honda Rebel ? A Hyabusa vs a Leaf ?