> I was almost hit by a car in a crosswalk?

I was almost hit by a car in a crosswalk?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
It was a crosswalk in front of my school. It wasn't one with a walk or wait light, it just has a little yield sign with a person walking on it and there's lines on the road to show it's a crosswalk. I looked BOTH WAYS (like I always do) before starting to cross. I didn't see anybody, so I walked across. I had by earbuds on and my hood on so I didn't hear or see her. I didn't think I'd have to pay attention while crossing the crosswalk. I only saw here when she stopped the car really fast in front of me. Her and her daughters mouth were wide open with shock and after I crossed I looked back and they were still staring at me. I'm worried that it was my fault because I had my hood and earbuds on, but I did look both ways before I crossed and didn't see her, and I was walking a normal speed? Was it my fault I almost got hit?

Both of you should have been paying more attention. You might think that a crosswalk means that it is a safe place to cross a street, but car accidents are called accidents for a reason. On the plus side, if you were actually hit by the car you would have been in the right on a legal standpoint. You might be dead or crippled, but you would be right.

It's a REALLY STUPID idea to walk around in traffic with your hearing AND vision obstructed. While the LAW says you have the right-of-way while crossing in a designated crosswalk, that doesn't change the fact that you would be on the losing end of any pedestrian vs automobile conflict. NEXT time, PAY ATTENTION to what's going on around you. The life you save may be yours.

A grey hoodie is like urban camo - you want to blend into the background and not be seen, you cover your face and wear baggy clothes with no sharp edges. Green camo is for jungles.

In bad weather/night a driver could look right at you and still not see you.

Just assume you are invisible, and don't trust some random driver with your life. One day it might be a bank robber who's not going to stop for a red, let alone some kid in a crosswalk.

I would personally never cross a road without paying close attention to traffic the entire time I am between the curbs. You are a seriously trusting person. Good for you, but don't expect to live long like that. Oh, and by the way, even if it is the other person's fault, you are still just as dead.

"I didn't think I'd have to pay attention while crossing the crosswalk."

And now you know that you do. Be glad she had good brakes and get on with life.

You shouldn't really have earphones and a hoodie up while walking next to a street or across a street. If you really want to listen to music, only put one in, use the other ear to listen to your surroundings, if you were doing this you would've heard the lady approaching in her car.

They were definitely at fault but you also need to be more careful because never assume just because you are in the right of way doesn't mean you can't get hit.

Let's just say you could have avoided the danger by keeping your eyes and ears open. Doing that is good for safety overall - not just from traffic but from muggers. Earbuds are a dead giveaway that you won't hear muggers coming, and they know it.

Yes it was probably your fault, you should have at least taken the hood off. Crossing the street is dangerous, you can't assume someone will see you, even if they are suppose to see you. You have to watch out for cars all the time.

You do have a right of way but a 4000lbs of car is going to hurt.