> I think they set speed limits to low for a reason?

I think they set speed limits to low for a reason?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Think about it there's tons of roads that have speed limits that are set to low for instance I got pulled over doing 42 in 30 ( down a hill cut me some slack and everyone I know speeds there) but the road is super wide and has a few houses on it I was thinking that 35 or a 40 mph speed limit wouldn't do any harm. I think there set low on purpose so cops can hand out more tickets and then the government makes a little cash

Believe it or not, there is no such thing as a ticket quota for cops. Whether a cop turns in a stack of warnings or a stack of fixed-fine tickets at the end of their shift makes no difference to them. All they need to do is provide proof that they weren't sitting on their butt in a coffee shop for 8 hours, and they get paid.

Speed limits aren't set too low, they're just set. If the limit is 50 km/h, you can probably get away with doing 60 km/h most days. If the limit were raised to 70 km/h, you and everyone else would drive it at 80 km/h. Because everyone knows there's a 10 km/h buffer zone over the limit where the cops probably won't ticket you, and 10 is just the average magic number.

It's not about the cash. If a government wants more cash, they simply do it the easy way and raise taxes. Raising taxes is the effective way, because it doesn't involve hoping that x-number of people will be charged with speeding. When a government wants more money, they don't rely on what-ifs like speeding fines to get it.

The reason speed limits are set a certain way in town is because there might be a hospital, a school, a library or a crosswalk for handicapped people perhaps near a state home. As a truck driver, I had to study a lot more about traffic laws than when I just had a regular license. One of the rules is to read EVERY road sign, they are there for a reason. It's very hard to stop a heavy truck, so I drive defensively..you never know when an idiot will pull infront of you, or another car hit brakes and stop short..these tips are good for diving 4-wheelers too..be alert! If you have no tickets on your license, no accidents then your car insurance is cheaper. Plus..why be in a hurry behind the wheel? Leave a bit early and relax on your drive, you'll be saving yourself a lot of stress!

Speeding down a hill? A classic rookie mistake. Downhill means longer stopping distances, which is one reason cops so often watch the speed of people coming down.

Most roads have symmetrical speed limits - the same no matter which way you are going. That means the road had to be posted for the maximum safe speed downhill with things like kids playing ball in the yards. It only takes a couple seconds more to go the legal limit... what did you have in mind to do with the seconds you would save?

They are set low because most drivers go faster than the limit. So if 35 or 40 mph is the fastest speed that is safe, then the limit needs to be 30 or lower, because if it was higher than 30, then drivers would go faster than 35 or 40, and that wouldn't be safe.

I have been driving for more than 50 years and have never had a speeding ticket. I haven't been stopped for speeding since 1970. I ignore posted speed limits. I have learned and follow the Basic Speed Law and I drive at speed that is reasonable and prudent.

You "think" speed limits are too low. You are wrong.

There is a fine line or an envelope as its called. For example. You can run a interstate all day long at 78-79 mph when its posted 70, and no one will bother you. But once you hit 80, then you have crossed the fine line and its up to the cop in each state what to do about that 10 over. In your case, you pushed the envelope by running 12 over. Speed limits are merely suggestions. There is not a huge, extensive and lengthy study of why a certain road is 30, or 35 or 40. Someone just guessed. Suggested.

We, the state of FL suggest you go 30. Can you go 35? Sure. Can you go 37? Sure. But we suggest you go 30. Can you go 42? I guess not.

If you think the speed limit is too low on a specific road, why don't you find other local drivers who feel the same and campaign for the local authority to reduce it?

The idea it is done to raise revenue is silly - whatever the limit, if drivers obeyed it there would be no fines, so it is very easy to avoid paying.

If the limit was 40 then clowns like you would do 50. You said it your self. There are houses on the road and that keeps the speed limit down. Somebody's front lawn there. Have some respect.

Speed limits aren't a secret and every car has brakes so if anyone is stupid enough to get caught speeding, the government deserve to take their money.

You could be right, but usually the limits are set at a good speed, but there are some roads that I have seen that could easily be 5 miles faster.