> I never see a motorcyclist walk into a store with their gear on?

I never see a motorcyclist walk into a store with their gear on?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Hello, I plan to learn to ride a motorcycle and buy gear for it such as the whole armored suit. I never see anyone walk around a store or a mall wearing their gear. Do they take off their motorcycle suit before entering a store? I know a lot of guys who only wear a helmet and sometimes not even that. They ride around in short sleves and shorts. However I like to be safe because if I get injured I dont have anyone to take care of me. Thanks.

"Armor" is kinda cool to see in the stores, I think. Helmets stay with the bike, though, unless you're in a hurry.

It depends on how long I'm going to be away from the bike. If I'm just walking in to get a thing or two, I'll wear the gear and carry the helmet. I always take my gear into the restaurant, though I usually peal off the jacket and helmet and put it on a chair, I will still be wearing my riding pants and boots.

If I'm going to be there for awhile, I'll put the jacket and helmet in the trunk on the motorcycle or I'll lock them to the bike with a locking cable through the chin bar of the helmet and sleeve of the jacket.

If I'm with a bunch of riders, I often just leave the gear on the bike. My gear is usually so well used and dirty, no one would even think about taking it and so far, I haven't had any stolen off the bike, but then I don't usually go to shopping malls. I'm more likely to be close to the highway.

You haven't been looking much. Especially 'Sports' bike R riders that don't have saddlebags or tailtrunk tend to go into store with the full outfit and helmets and back packs because they don't have secured storage on cycle. The older dresser riders can take off helmet and jackets and tuck them into tailtrunk- you may see them wearing just the boots and heavy denim pants in store but don't see the 'under armor' long johns of silk and Kevlar. I use my helmet as a shopping basket because it about right size for enough groceries, etc. to fill one of the small saddle bags on latest cycle or space in 1/2 full bags on the Goldwing. The little CM400 Honda rat/trainer has a tailtrunk with the raincoat, enough space for a 1/2 helmet and chain- tendancy there is also wear leathers and carry helmet in store as shopping basket- full helmet is full tailtrunk.

By gear you mean helmets or all the stuff posers wear? If I'm in a hurry I have walked in wearing my helmet to pay for my gas. Otherwise I take my helmet, leather gloves, and leather jacket off.

Well, the gear is hot if there's no breeze, I'd probably take my jacket off. I'd keep my helmet on just to visit an ATM, though, or use a gas pump.

I saw a guy with full gear in the grocery store yesterday, his backpack and helmet in his cart. I go in stores all the time in jeans, boots and a leather jacket.

Whether I'm riding street or dirt I wear proper gear, that's cause I'm riding. When I go to the store or anywhere else, I wear street clothes. I don't need to pose. Wear what you like. Your life, your bike(s).

What is a armored suit? I and many have and do wear a leather jacket and maybe pants in stores.

Some motorcyclists have bags on their motorcycle and they store their gear before they walk in. But I've seen plenty who walked in with gear on.

Follow me, I walk around the store with my gear on because if I didn't I be naked.