> I need to go to get an MOT done, however the vehicle has no MOT or Tax, am I okay to go there?

I need to go to get an MOT done, however the vehicle has no MOT or Tax, am I okay to go there?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
A few other factors -

1) The motorcycle rides relatively safely & will make it there in one piece

2) The MOT centre is over 35 miles away (Though it's probably the closest one I trust)

3) If I were to stop on the way to pick up a prescription would that cause me bother? It's very difficult to get there otherwise

Many thanks!

So long as the bike is insured and the M.O.T. test has been prebooked, you're OK.

Technically, the law says you must drive straight to the testing station and straight back again, but it would be a very harsh copper who objected to you picking up a prescription on the way.

Without MOT or tax, you may not be able to get insurance. Without insurance or MOT, you won't be able to get tax. Safest would be to take the bike for MOT on a truck or trailer, then get insurance when it passes the test, then pay the tax BEFORE riding the bike on the road. You can also get your prescription while driving the legal truck. Modern photo-enforcement of road tax means you would probably get busted for no tax and no MOT before you had even ridden the 35 miles to the MOT test, even if you had already made an appointment there.

If you are driving 35 miles and anything happens you may have trouble. By you "trust" do you mean one that will pass it? I'd suggest you either use a nearer mot station or take it on a trailer or in a van.

Hi as to whether you like it or not it has to be the close one for riding the motorcycle to be legal. if stopped which you will be that excuse does not wash. so you have to take it on a truck if you want it to go to a particular test station. incidently if there is an issue with any MOT test station VOSA would like to know as they control the MOT test stations so your preferred one could also be in question.

it is perfectly legal to drive to and from an MOT centre without MOT certificate, for the purpose of a test,

and as you cannot tax the vehicle without an MOT certificate, you will be ok without tax.

However, if you had an accident, your insurance would not cover you, as the vehicle was without MOT or Tax,

ring DVLA, and check the situation with them, or Google their website and read what it says