> I'm 6'4 280 and I'm thinking of getting my first motorcycle. What type should I get?

I'm 6'4 280 and I'm thinking of getting my first motorcycle. What type should I get?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I have never rode a motorcycle before. My brother in law first bike was a Hayabusa. He said I would be fine if I got one but know it's a powerful bike. I just don't want a crotch rocket with me being a big fellow.

Question: I'm 6'4 280 and I'm thinking of getting my first motorcycle. What type should I get?

Answer: No one can tell you want type motorcycle until you tell where and why you want to ride.

Your brother in law's first bike was a Hayabusa -- he obviously wanted to ride in a straight line and damn the speed limits. If that is want you want to do, get a 'Busa. I have been riding for 50 years, want cheap transportation, and ride a Vespa 150. Tell me why you want to ride and I can give to a good suggestion.

Try sitting on a Kaw KLR650 and see if you can straddle it and have both feet on the ground- then put a foot on a peg and turn the handlebars without hitting knee. If you fit, look for a 5 year old used model with good engine and a few dents and scrapes for the almost certain drops at the stop light and slipped when starting incidents. Honda and Suzuki, Yamaha make similar 'dual sport' big singles. .

At your size, I can't imagine any sport bike that you'd appreciate riding, scrunched up like a fetal baby squirrel.

A cruiser with forward pegs would probably feel more comfortable to you.

Note that many of the sport-tourers have high seat heights and would also accommodate you, without the slouchy posture of a cruiser. Sport tourers will also give you SOME of the sportiness and handling of a sportbike, hence the name.

You shold take lessons on how to ride one first. lol i doubt a Hayabusa would be a first good bike. Maybe a Gsxr 600 750 or a Ninja 636. All three are some badass sports bikes.

There are lots of really big motorcycles... Harley, Indian, Gold Wing, the BMW 1200's, the big adventure bikes... and none of them are very good to learn on. Get a 650 cc or something smaller which is comfortable.

Take a MSF Motorcycle Safety Foundation course before you do anything. Most states require it, or waive the driving test part of the license. Take a look at some of the Japanese cruisers.


I can't say much for the intelligence of your brother in law other than it is less than most humans and many other animals.

Take a professional training course.

Get a small displacement dual sport, ride it for several thousand miles, then consider whether you should buy a Hayabusa.

get some badass leathers and go for a big bike. you'll not only enjoy the extra size but rock the killer look especially if you can grow a beard.